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How to have multiple domain names for the same site show up in search


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I am looking for the correct way to have multiple domain names show up in google for the same website.  I have added several new domain names to help with more popular search but they arent showing up in search engines. I know there are issues with making sure duplicate content isnt in google but I heard that there was a legitimate way to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

I was told by the search engine submission company that the line of code

<link rel="canonical"href+"http://www.summerscloset.com/index.php"/>

is telling google to index all the domains to the main site.  I dont want to change something that will penalize me in google. But I want to be able to take advantage of the multiple domains since I purchased them to help with searches. 


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Do the other domains have any content on them or are they just 301's to the real site ?


It's a common thing to think that you can point more than one domain to the same site and have them spidered and rank in the search results - sadly this hasn't worked for many years in Google as they are smart enough to realise that the extra domains don't have any content on them (especially if you 301 - perm redirect from them to the real site).


And yes, the canonical tag you mention basically says that no matter what address is used to get to the page that you want the engines to treat it as if the page was reached using the address in the tag.  I've actually seen clients (or actually their developers) get this wrong and as a result the client's website have vanished from the results until the tags are corrected.

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