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Issues with IE11/Win7 and Admin Login


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Hi, folks

just starting this thread in case it becomes an actual issue. I've noticed problems logging into CC5x with the brand spankin' new IE11 on Windows 7, where clicking the admin login with user name/password just reloads the page and does *not* actually login. No issue with Chrome v30.


I only bring this up in case others or clients run into this issue -- may be a cookie, or other issue, but very annoying. IE11 on Win7 kinda buggy, but they will be pushing this update to all IE10 users soon on patch day.


Will post update as I look into this more. It may be a "compatibility mode" issue, or other, but IE11 is not seeing something with CC5 and perhaps blocking something to set cookie for login.



I just tried switching to https for the login, and then switched compatibility mode on for the site, which allowed the login to proceed.



The admin header file template likely needs to include a 

meta X-UA-Compatible "IE-edge,chrome=1" directive.


Also, with IE11, they now restrict copy/paste (I'm using it right now, and can't copy into this post!). Sheesh.



Clients will be running into this issue soon, if not already.



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Okay.... confirmed on both our machines running latest Windows 7 (64 bit), Intel CPU, IE 11 as of Microsoft patch Tuesday 11/12/13, that you cannot login to admin in CubeCart unless you go to Tools > Compatibility Views > and add your domain to the list.  Keep in mind I had to do this with Google also in order to get various things to even load at all (!). I haven't tried this on IE8 yet as I need to update to 8.1 and haven't had free moment to do that on  the other system, nor the virtual one running on the Mac.


HOWEVER, thankfully ... I just double checked the client login page with https and was able to login with client user/password without any issue.


So, as of "today" clients should be able to login okay with IE11 on Win7 without having to switch on compatibility view, or switch it off, for that matter.


It's only the admin login which is going to confuse heck out of anybody on Windows 7 with IE11, not being able to login, and keep trying, then locking themselves out ...

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SimChris, if you don't already belong to eightforums.com, you might want to check out the issues some have had upgrading to 8.1. I was lucky, as I'm on a new 8 computer. Glad to hear the customer is not going to have issues. I wonder what is causing the issue for Admin - possibly the graph script???

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Hi, Dirty B :

well, I use Win 8.1 in a virtual machine on my Mac, so it's 100% error free and I simply do update on backup of the virtual machine image and if it fails, just use the backup. Similarly for the Windows 7 machine I have a cloned copy of the HD as a backup with 1:1 mirror. I am a very advanced user. The Win 7 machines won't go to Win8. Love the Mac for being able to have OSX open and on two screens have XP on one, Win 8 on another, and compare a web site in progress on all three, pretty wild. And dolphins swimming on the desktop :-)  Then, jump into bootcamp and run Win7 natively (doing it right now). Win7 is still my "daily driver" as it's still the best daily work OS for me at the moment.


As to admin login, with Win7 and IE11, it looks to be a cookie issue. I've seen similar issues with Google where I have to keep logging in to things, even between tabs. Very funky even with security set at "middle" for the sliders and pretty normal AUP settings.


For example, I was able to login to the store as admin this morning, with compatibility mode OFF, but the moment I clicked anything on the menu, for "orders" it kicked me out and I had to login again, after switching to compatibility mode.


Ugh. I expected some gremlins for IE11 on Windows 7, but it's a bit like that on everything right now. My PDFs vanished in iBooks on my new iPad Air after doing  restore from iPad 3 ... just gone. iOS 7 ... ! Bah. People with OSX Mavericks might lose external data with USB HD if Western Digital "disk tools" are installed to check the SMART status. Annoying.  And of course don't get me started on the Chinese trying to hack my server every day this week.


Anyway..... not a bug in CubeCart, but definitely some oddball stuff with cookies, and I think how the cookie is "set" on the CC5x admin login screen form element. That is just one big guess on my part.


Font Awesome 4 fonts wouldn't load from the Amazon CDN on my website in the browser, in a third tab open in IE11 the other day ... so they need to do some patching on IE11 and memory leak or whatever funky things they have going with that on Win7. Kept hitting reload and refresh and nothing. Finally had to restart computer then worked fine. YUCK!   IE 11.1 needs to happen soon.

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  • 1 month later...

Just anecdotal, with CC 5.25 and IE11 updates as of Dec. 2013, not having any issues with admin tasks or getting kicked out of store. Frankly there was a major Dot-NET update to Windows which I think fixed a bunch of the whacko things I was seeing with IE11.


Conversely, with PHP 5.4 on the new server we just moved to this week (how I spent my holiday) and CC 5.25 just upgraded, CHROME 31.0.1650.63 m, on Win7/64  will hang when trying to click on admin > orders > click on order # to view order. Had same issue on 5.2.1 before upgrade. An issue with Chrome.


I thought it was mod_pagespeed messing with the java,. but I turned off any java inline or outlining. Still need to place order as client in chrome to make sure that's all okay.


Welcome to the new "fun with web browsers" for the new year!

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