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Quiz Express new website goes live!

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I'm not really showing off - just following the advice on the forum to post new sites here!


Please take a look and feel free to fire over any feedback - it would be much appreciated!


I've yet to create a Wordpress site to go with my cubecart site - but this has got us started.




Cheers for now,




BTW, I can't see where to "add my store" in the link at the top of this forum section!!??

Where it says: Don't forget to add your store to our live stores section!

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I'd never heard of a pub quiz - we don't drink, but is this a British thing, or do American bars do this, too???


I love the way you've used feedback in the slider.


Don't forget your favicon, and fix "customers" in this on the homepage:



To provide pubs with a professional quiz supply service that can be relied on to boost custom, increase profits, save time and be cost effective.


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Haha - its a very British thing! But it has been known to take place in America as well!!


Yes, I was really pleased with how the slider worked out! I've put favicon on my list & will see if I can highlight the quote in some way!


Many thanks for looking & for your input. Appreciated.


Iona x

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