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CC5 Authorize.net SIM method support AUTH_ONLY?


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One of my clients on CC5 (upgraded from CC4) is getting AUTH_CAPTURE's on all transactions even though the store is set for AUTH_ONLY.  It is using SIM method.  I base64 decoded the setting in the database table and the setting is saving correctly.  I then contacted Authorize.net to verify that SIM supported AUTH_ONLY, which it does.


I then went and looked at the code in the gateway module class for Authorize.net and don't see the x_type being set in the SIM block.  It IS assigned in the AIM code block.  Is this an accidental omission or am I missing where it is assigned?


I am wondering if I can just add the assignment to the $hidden array there and have it work.


Anybody else have this issue?



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You are correct. Please open the modules/gateway/Authorize/gateway.class.php file and find at around line 46:

'x_login'  => $this->_module['acNo'],

On the line after add the line of code: 

'x_type' => $this->_module['payment_type'],

That should fix it. We will get that added to the next release. This seems to affect SIM only and not AIM which already has the variable passed on card submit. 

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