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Customer Address creation causing Order Issues

Dirty Butter

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I think I've pinned down an issue with customer address creation. I thought I had another thread about this, but could not find it.




When a customer registers AFTER they go to Checkout they are given the choice to check off that the billing address will be used for the delivery address. This does not appear to be working correctly, as only the Billing Address seems to be saved, although it is marked in Admin as being the default billing/delivery.


If the customer creates a separate Delivery Address, such as when they Register and THEN add an item to their cart, everything seems to work properly.


This issue MAY have started with 5.2.4, but I'm not sure, as we have had Pending orders previously, but could never pin down what the problem was.

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But that's just it. They were not able to get to the pending point, because it never recognized their delivery address.


The "Delivery Address" was NOT showing up in Admin. I tried on this last customer going in and creating the Address for delivery, and it would not save. I had to change the customer's password, go to the front end, and create the delivery address there.


Until this is resolved, I've taken the choice to use the billing as delivery OFF the site. I know it's extra work for the customer, but no where near as much as the frustration of having to contact us to complete an order. Here it is Christmas buying season - we sell toys! And I can't get this resolved.


And now another issue has cropped up - they're not choosing their delivery address from the dropdown choice. I started another thread for help with that.

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