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Need help adding a BOX and LINKs


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I've checked both this and cubecartforums.org without any luck. This should be simple enough, I just can't figure it out.


I am using the Kurouto Grey skin.


In the top right hand corner of the skin, there is a search bar. Above that, opposite the login/register links I would like to add a few links. One going back to the main site portal and one going to my forums. I can not seem to do this! I have tried editing several different template files to see either no changes or messing everything up. LOL


I would also like to know where to add customized boxes for future reference.

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Please see:



There is a one (plugin), two (simple data), or three (complex data) step process to adding more areas of content to a skin. Unfortunately, there is no one-solution-fits-all-tasks approach.


A very unhelpful sequence of steps is as follows:

1. Set the store to disable caching. It helps when developing skins.

2. Add a {$PLACEHOLDER} in the main skin or specific component template file.

3. Use the existing classes to input or fetch, process, and assign the output data to the 'PLACEHOLDER'.

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