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Sagepay fails after uprage to 5.2.5


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I followed the usual instructions to upgrade Cubecart from to 5.2.5 from the previous verison. I backed up etc... and then installed and all appeared to be fine. However, after being ill for a couple of days I have visited the store to find a list of 'pending' orders and no payment.


When I tested the store by trying to purchase a product as soon as I hit checkout I get a blank page instead of transferring to Sagepay.


This is a total disaster as Christmas is a busy time and we have just run a special offer!!!! I have put in a support ticket but had no response yet. Can anyone help? Has anyone else had this issue?


Also, we tried to switch to Paypal and whilst this does go through the checkout and take payment, it doesn't return to our website and still appears to be mid checkout even though payment has been taken from the customer's account!!!! The product is still in the basket.



All help welcome and thanks in advance.


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Welcome jopars! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Please check the admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab.


Many times, CubeCart is able to catch PHP errors and those errors will be listed in the System Error Log. If your hosted site has 'error logging' enabled for PHP, you can certainly find out what is causing the problem from that log.


There may also be an entry made in the Transaction Logs for that order.


There was a small change made in the way Sagepay creates a unique 'vendorTxCode', but I see nothing wrong with the change.


You can try, as an immediate work around (assuming SagePay themselves have not changed anything on their end) is to replace the /modules/gateway/SagePay folder with the folder of the earlier version.


That may or may not work as there may be something other than the SagePay module causing the blank page.

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