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Paypal have to confirm 4 times


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Hi everyone

I’m having the same problem in my store, one of my customers wrote to me

(I am currently having trouble trying to purchase a few items. When I log in, go into my shopping basket, click checkout then choose Paypal as my method of payment and login to Paypal, it goes back into the website asking to login or enter the details (address, email etc and an option to create an account.

If i login, the process repeats as stated above. If i enter the details, the account cannot be made due to the email already existing.

If i choose the 'checkout with Paypal' option in the shopping basket, the process still repeats, opening a new window to login to Paypal, then redirecting to the page where it says to login again or create an account by filling in the detail.

Thank you)


Spoke to him throw the phone, He was using Firefox then he tried google chrome with no success  I have noticed while talking to him that his computer was slow  the same issue was repeated in the past , but sometime it work,

I have basic knowledge with computers but it seems to be timing issue   faster connection do work slower computer have problem through check out 

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I have created the following patch to solve this issue:

Please provide me with your GitHub username if you want pull access.
1. The customer stays logged in
2. New customers get logged in
3. Old customer who were not logged in get logged in 
4. A notice appears at the top. "Please click Make Payment to complete your order."
5. Customer data is updated to records held by PayPal
I hope you find it a significant improvement. Please note that this will only work with CubeCart 5.2.8 and higher!

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Has anyone that has been experiencing these issues tried these changes in a live store and have any feedback. We have advised customers not to use PayPal Express for many years now due to the confusing process and if this helps streamline then that has got tobe good although my personal preference is to never use PayPal to make or receive payments as their customer service and attitude to store owners is terrible.

@Al - I know there have been quite a few recent releases but do you have plans for a quick 5.2.9 release to include this and the big fix for Amazon payment gateway when using product options ? Thanks for your effort and hard work on these two issues this last week !



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HI, Al

I think in this instance I am with Ian in thinking that with both the PayPal and Amazon fixes which are integral pieces of ecommerce, it "might" be worth putting out a 5.2.9 sooner than waiting another 10 -14 days. Topical to me as I've been putting off the 5.2.8 upgrade from 5.2.5 the past few days (well, since Thurs.) to see whassup with these issues so I don't have to go on a patching safari the moment after upgrade. Not horribly painful, but frankly it's probably easier to rev an update now than give bunches of folks permissions to download a patch file from github.


Thanks !

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