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Post 5.25 update clients getting shipping required error


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Hi, this is likely a dumb thing on my part but just updated cart from 5.2.3 to 5.25 and clients cant' checkout and get and error saying


"unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries" then empties cart.


Since we sell services which have NO shipping - no weight, etc., per "service" ... it seems like we previously just had shipping turned off.


Now it seems the store wants to require a shipping choice.


HELP! :-)


Normally I'm a smarty pants on these things, but can't locate where I should deactivate any/all shipping requirement.



Addition: and YES, the green checkmark "allow no shipping" is checked under admin > store settings >features


(UPDATED to show correct versions.)

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I solved this for the moment by adding a "free shipping" module with no minimum weight or dollar amount, and with "zones" added for the four most common countries we have clients in. This now added a drop down menu on checkout below the coupon box with selected "free shipping" as the default. So, this at least allowed two clients to just place large orders for our holiday bonus pricing on services. (Whew!).


Still, would seem having "allow no shipping" as checked in the main store setup page would not require there to be an active shipping module. Didn't we have this situation a few versions back? I seem to recall having the "free shipping" on the page at one point, even though redundant (maybe I'm thinking of 4x and not 5x).


So, at least able to take orders again right now, even though shpping is kind of silly to have on checkout page for services. Not sure if it's a bug, or just not clear on this being the way it should work now.


Thanks for any feedback, checking, or other input, as always. I try not to bug y'all unless I'm stumped, as with this one.



Additional data:

using the Authorize.net and PayPal (normal version) modules. Issue came up with credit cards with authorize.net gateway, but haven't yet tested with PP.

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(I'm currently looking at differences between 520 and 525...) There was a recent change that did the following:


From: If the _basket['shipping'] is not set and the _basket['digital_only'] is not set there will be a No Shipping error notice else there will be a Check Shipping advisory notice.


To: Only if the _basket['digital_only'] is not set, then if the _basket['shipping'] is not set there will be a No Shipping error notice else a Check Shipping advisory notice - else no notices.


So, in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable debug mode (and add your computer's IP address to restrict the debug output to you only). During checkout process, view the debug block and note the _basket array. Observe if the 'digital_only' array element is true or not present.


Have you flagged your products as digital?


There may be other code changes that cause your experiences. Do you recall making any edits to the cubecart.class.php file?

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HI, Bsmither!

None of the products are implicitly digital as there is no "make this digital" option when creating or editing a new product other than adding elements to the "digital tab" - which we're no using. But, all services are digital in the sense there are no physical products, inventory, weights and everything is non-taxable. I've made no changes to the files post upgrade, so everything new over-wrote existing files.


I try to only mess with the skin files at this point, since we have under 100 items all services, no shipping, no tax, no inventory. Not horribly complex.


I'll try debug in a.m. when clients are not trying to place orders since we have a special offer "expires Dec 31" thing happening, and hence  the two folks trying to place orders at 3pm PST running into issues (because I stupidly didn't test an order right after update).

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"None of the products are implicitly digital as there is no "make this digital" option when creating or editing a new product."


Please make products flaggable as being "No shipping required" but yet not a 'digital' item. (Use the weight being '0' as the flag?)




On the other hand, may I suggest that you create a PDF that explains what you expect your customer to have ready when you are executing your 'service'. Enter the file path to the PDF on the digital tab.


* Customers will get an email with a link to the PDF -- serves as a sort of confirmation that the order was processed.

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Hi, would rather not add download as clients would then expect to download something to complete project or call me asking if they need to download that; when instead we have a link as checkout is completed to go to a project form to submit project "what to do next" in the skin mods. And they really don't need another email due to store sending "order received" then "order approved" then they get a confirm email when filling out the project form. But good idea, there ;-)


Note in CubeCart 5.2.5, which I presume you're also using, products default to weight "0.00" unless explicitly changed to something. Stock level is off (" X ") for each item in our system.


At this time the simplest fix was to use the "free shipping" module with no minimum cost or weight. So folks can give me money without crying too much, which is the main issue I was having. Having a "zero shipping" option in checkout and on the receipts isn't too painful for this version of the store. It works, and that's good enough for the time being!


Happy New Years!

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