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My store is referencing parked domain.


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My CC store is showing one of my parked domains as the URL for the store.


My store is piccolinaonlinestore.com but it's showing as jacquelinedimicco.com which is a parked domain on my hosting account.


I spoke to my hosting service and they claim it's an issue with my CC store.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?.


CC V : 5.2.4


Happy New Year to all and thank you for all your assistance provided.


regards Geoff

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"My CC store is showing one of my parked domains as the URL for the store."


Only in the "Navigation" box are these links showing (the list of categories).


Perhaps! at one time you actually had your browser call up your store as jacquelinedimicco.com.


CubeCart uses a cache and maybe the navigation links are still in the cache.


Go to admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, and clear the cache. Hopefully, that solves this problem.

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I thought this was fixed by clearing the cache...but it's not. I've just tried clearing the cache again to see if it had any impact but no.


The only time the site uses the piccolinaonlinestore.com domain is when I've navigated from a book mark. Clicking any other link, including the homepage link or banner, the site then uses the jacquelinedimicco.com  domain which is parked and not redirected.


Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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If I start with piccolinaonlinestore, I stay with (actually, go to) www.piccolinaonlinestore. I've tried a number of links. The navigation stack (Shop by Category) all has www.piccolinaonlinestore.


However, if I then enter jacquelinedimicco into my browser, all the links except the navstack go to jacquelinedimicco. The navstack stays at www.piccolinaonlinestore.


The jacquelinedimicco domain is not so much 'parked' if I get a web page -- other than the "This domain parked at..." page.


CC5 is really good at figuring out where it is. But if you "lie" to it, it will use that lie. That is to say, if any domain is used to get to the CC installation, CC5 will use it, regardless if it is intentional or not.


Until you get this straight with your DNS settings at your hosted account, you can try this:


In the file /includes/global.inc.php, add these variables:

// might not need this --- $glob['rootDir'] = 'filesystem-path-to-store'; // do not end with slash
$glob['rootRel'] = '/docroot-path-to-store/'; // end with slash - if at docroot, use a single slash
$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.example.com/path-to-store'; // do not end with slash

CC5 will use these values if they exist, and if the store is not serving secure pages. (The values for secure pages are set in the admin Store Settings.)

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...thanks again Brian....I'm still waiting on a response from the host. I think I'll wait until they fix the required parking of jacquelinedimicco before I embark on the changes you've suggested...but many thanks so far..



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