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Google Merchant - Sitemap


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I am confident the sitemap generator works. But...


I am not familiar with this error message -- I have not read any other postings about it. An "XML Formatting Error" is self-explanatory, but the "No Line" part...??? So...


Would you be able to post the first 10 or so lines from the sitemap.xml file? Or maybe provide a link to download it so we can examine it ourselves?

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The only thing I have a question about is:


The &amp;amp; means this is double html-entity encoded. I do not know if that is intended. Nor do I know if that is a real problem.

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What I would like for you to do is to edit the file /classes/seo.class.php, near line 845:

$this->_sitemap_xml->setElement('loc',  htmlspecialchars($input['url']),false, false);

Change to:

$this->_sitemap_xml->setElement('loc', $input['url'], false, false);

A note for XMLWriter::text says that the string is automatically processed with htmlspecialchars(). No need to do it twice.

Dirty Butter's file uses SEO-friendly URLs -- which does not reveal issues with standard CC5 Cat/Prod/Doc URLs.

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