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Duplicating a CC Installation.

Nik Grey

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I set up a 'Test Store' for testing the new CC updates with my custom software 'Tools' but now I am at the stage I am at I think it would be prudent to clone the 'Live' store.


What is the best way of going about this?


I dont really want to download the entire thing and re-upload it again as my connection is painfully slow (it would take days).


I used to have FlashFXP which allowed me to transfer from Remote Site to Remote Site, its a windows application and since I am not a windows user I haven't used it for years and have lost the activation key but have asked for it to be sent again.


Assuming I get this key and boot into windows to use it again I am wondering? (or find something else which will allow me to transfer like this).


What would I have to move over (if not everything) - also I assume I just back up from the Live Store (database and files) and restore them to the Test Store.. could it really be that easy?

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Make sure that CubeCart's SSL mode is switched off, and that the cache has been cleared.


CubeCart does a really good job of finding out where it is, so, other than the licensing file still associated with SiteA, copying everything to SiteB is easy-peasy.


A FireFox add-on, FireFTP, has FXP capability. To review, both FTP sites must allow for FXP connections.

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Fantastic, it took me a few hours to get FireFTP to work in the way I wanted but I am there. The 'Test Store' loads up but all of the links in the Nav menu point to the 'Live Store' ! I am assuming this is because it is using the same database ?


Could you please remind me which file from the 'Test Store' I need to replace in order to use the 'Test Store' database ?


Is it: Includes/global.inc.php ?


I still have the original 'Test Store' files in another folder.

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If the sites are hosted at the same hoster using wget is the fastest solution.


ssh to the server that needs cubecart


then run this command in your public_html directory:


wget -r ftp://username:[email protected]


Hostname is the website that you want to clone.


Other fast solution is to login as root in your ssh if your websites are hosted on the same server and run this commando:


cp -rf /home/username-of-the-website-you-want-to-clone/public_html/* /home/username-of-the-new-CC-installation/public_html/


Or rsync commando can be used as well.


If you know what your doing it is easy and fast :)


For backup the database of cubecart you can use this:


Backup SQL
mysqldump -u username -ppassword databasename > filename.sql
Restore SQL
mysql -u username -ppasword databasename < filename.sql
Hope this help anyone out.
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Thanks Master, and of course Brian for your help.


Although I wouldn't know where to start with your directions master - is that 'Command Line' stuff ? (scary).


I did it in the end by making a backup of the database from within Admin of my 'Live' store - used Filezilla to download that to my Mac (it's in the backup' folder in the root).


Then uploaded this backup file to the backup folder of my 'Test Store' - then from within admin (of the test Store) went into 'maintenance' - 'Backup' (first tab that opens) and click the Green 'Refresh' icon which restored it.


Now I have a cloned site (for the time being).


Happy :)

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