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Cubecart 5 Coupons


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Being new to cc5 I wanted to set up some coupons as I did in cc3 with a goober mod. However I find that there is no option to setup a coupon onall products in just one category. It appears I have to search my database and add each item idividually?

Surely this is not the way to do it, if it is I suggest looking at other ecommerce sites to design a better system.

Please tell me that I am a muppet and I have missed something.


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Sorry to say that, as of CC525, identifying the products that a coupon applies to is on a product-by-product basis.


There is this mod, but the description does not imply that it hooks into the coupon system. A possible work-around for that is to create a splash page that says, "Instant Coupon! All Widget-type products are 10% off!" It's not really a coupon, but the bottom line is still the same.


If Devellion notices this conversation, mayhaps it will be added to the list of features to be programmed into future a version of CubeCart.

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