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Dispatch date on the Invoice


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The Shipping information on the bottom of my invoices shows

Gateway - Correct

Dispatch Date - Blank

Shipping Method - Correct

Tracking Code - I do not use.


How do I get the dispatch date filied in, I was hoping that when I changed the order status to complete this would then fill in the dispatch date, but no.


Any help would be useful



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When viewing the order in admin, Orders, bring up an order for editing, Delivery tab, enter the date in the Dispatch Date field. Clicking in the field pops up a calender.


Updating the Order Summary by including the current date when moving the order status to Complete is not automatic.


Would you like it to be automatic?


If so, try this:


In the file /classes/order.class.php, near line 286, find:


case self::ORDER_DECLINED:

On a new blank line just above the line having break;, add:

$data['ship_date'] = strftime("%F");

We are adding an element to the array $data that will eventually be used to update the order summary record near line 310.

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Apparently, the %F format code is not available on Windows operating systems (and maybe other operating systems).


PHP documentation is nice enough to not have mentioned it.


Replace this statement:

$data['ship_date'] = strftime("%F");



$data['ship_date'] = strftime("%Y-%m-%d");

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