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can't log in after upgrade from v3 to v5


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V3 was used for a time with more than 1 administrators.  After delete extra administrators, upgraded to v5.2.5. can't log in, after a refresh, nothing changes.


Then freshly installed v3 and upgraded to v5.2.7 (below the limits:1 administrator,,etc., correct username & password...), still can't log in,a refresh,nothing changes.


Using "forgot password" function, input correct username and email, it says "incorrect info, try again"  as below.


השגי×ות הב×ות התחרשו:

  • ×¤×¨×˜×™× ×©×’×•×™×™×, ×× × × ×¡×” שנית.
  • ×¤×¨×˜×™× ×©×’×•×™×™×, ×× × × ×¡×” שנית.

The username or password should be no problem, because everything works fine with v3.


What to do to solve this? Is there any advice,please? Thanks!


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Hi, we can't visit the movie on YouTube. But from the character introduction it should be something about detailed operation on how to "manually reset an administrators password in CubeCart v5".  We've also tried this, same result!  


Each time log-in ----- with correct username/password, the V5 screen makes a refresh then nothing happened,shows back with the same log-in screen page, even no error message. Only after we tried the "forgot password" function, input correct username and email,  it shows  back with "incorrect info, try again". 


What is wrong, any ideas,thanks.

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