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Contact us page disappeared


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I have taken one of the default skins, duplicated it and renamed then modified the design/layout it extensively. I'm a first time user of CC so naturally created a document and called it contact-us so I could at a later date enter details and add a form, not realising that there is an actual template to provide this and the url of the demo store's contact us page is the same as the document i created.


So I deleted the contact-us document but can seem to get the actual contact template to work, now when I go to /contact-us.html it just returns to the homepage.


All the template files are still in place and essentially the code to display various elements of the site is still within just moved around, maybe with new HTML around it for styling purposes.


Any ideas?











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To eliminate the possibility that the SEO database table is confused, please switch OFF using seo-friendly URLs and clear the cache. Bring up your homepage.


Find the link to the Contact Us document. The link should be: index.php?_a=contact


If, however, the link looks like: index.php?_a=document&doc_id=9, then CubeCart is still wanting to show a regular document as listed in admin Documents.


(You can now re-enable seo-mode and clear the cache again.)


/contact-us.html is the format being parsed in the .htaccess URL Rewrite section. It gets changed to: index.php?seo_path=contact-us.


CubeCart then takes contact-us and looks in the seo_path database table. If there is no record with contact-us as a 'path', CubeCart displays the Homepage.


Assuming that there is a record in the seo_path database table, then the 'type' should be contact. In the skin template file box.documents.php, there should also be this:


  {if isset($CONTACT_URL)}
  <li><a href="{$CONTACT_URL}" title="{$LANG.documents.document_contact}">{$LANG.documents.document_contact}</a></li>

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ahhaaahhh you of course Sir are right. Sometimes I can be so silly.


So after scrolling through I do fine the Cubecart_seo_path and locate the the one with a type of contact and the url is showing as contact-us-c


Should I edit this to be: contact-us ?


Even if I do this, no matter what I click now it just stays on the homepage, the url's change but the homepage is only ever displayed.



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contact-us-c was automatically created when CubeCart was told by the database that there already existed a record with a path of contact-us. One record is/was of type contact and the other is/was of type doc.


As long as there is only one record with type = 'contact', Cubecart should use that 'path', whatever it is or may become, when constructing the URLs for links on the page.


After doing anything like the above, clearing the CubeCart cache is a good thing to do.

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Yes there is only one record type of 'contact', as I said though, now the site wont find any documents or categories or products, the URL's are right, such as if I click terms and conditions the url is /terms-and-conditions which previously would show the document and content, now it just returns the homepage! It all very messed up.


I think I did not only clear the cache, but also clear the SQL cache and also rebuild the sitemap...all in desperation though.

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