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Is there any sort of documentation for getting the Amazon Checkout feature set up? I am trying to implement it on 5.2.7, which I upgraded in a testbed enviroment from 5.1.5. The store has been upgraded over the last several years originally from version 3 point something.


I have an Amazon seller account and I have set up the checkouts side of the account, got my various tokens and keys and IDs, put them into the Amazon Checkout plugin screen, enabled the plugin, and it shows up during checkout now.


Here is what I am experiencing:

1) Log into the store

2) add item to basket

3) view basket, click Amazon Checkout button

4) login to amazon in popup

5) popup disappears, left at View Basket screen

6) Click Checkout button

7) Taken to address entry screen with "would you like to login" button, even though I am already logged in.

8) If I log in again, I am taken back to view basket

9a) If I click the Amazon checkout button again, the process repeats

9b) If I click the standard checkout button, I am taken to the choose payment method screen where Amazon is not mentioned.


I have to say that after this much time with CubeCart, my expecations are pretty low when it comes to stuff actually working. The only reason I am even looking at the Amazon option is because an unacceptable number of customers are unable to successfully check out due to issues with the PayPal checkout process which have been mentioned in a number of other posts. 

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Hi CBGitty,


It looks like something is going wrong at step 7 as it shouldn't do that. We worked along side amazons integration team to build the module and had a very strict set of test routines which were signed off by Amazon for our certification so it should work smoothly. 


Please can you log a support ticket with admin and FTP access so we can thoroughly debug this?


I'm sorry you don't have much faith in stuff working. v5 is really very stable now and if you do have a problem we WILL take responsibility and do everything we can to help you.  

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To follow up on this, Amazon payments is now working. It began working after making some tweaks trying to fix another issue as discussed in this thread, related to & in passback URLs:


'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Specifically, Bsmither's changes to functions.inc.php and also an addition to sanitize.class.php around line 86: 


$key = str_replace("amp;","",$key); 


This removes the text "amp;" from any URL keyname and prevents the sanitizer from deleting that key/value pair. As BSmither says in the other thread, it would be preferable to figure out why it is showing up in the first place and fix that, but this is working in the short term.

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