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Add to cart w/ options & shipping insurance options?


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First time installer here, and about to pull the trigger on getting the licensed version after getting past a setup issue. But I have 2 more questions/issues.


1) Are there any shipping insurance options? I can't seem to find that anywhere and a search here for 'insurance' provides no help. I am using a few 'all in 1 shipping' options but on the client's current (ancient) MOF CGI cart she has a second dropdown with handful of set rate insurance options. This strikes me as a rather common option but is missing on CC, am I blind or is this a license version only feature?


2) All items on this cart have required option fields (size, color, etc...). When adding items to the cart from the home page or category this results in a 'system error' asking for the fields, this doesn't look very customer friendly. I'm guessing the easiest way around that is removing the quick add to cart buttons except for individual product pages? Which template(s) would I adjust for that?

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1. CubeCart's implementation of the USPS shipping module does not parse the response for any available shipping insurance options provided by the USPS. I do not know of any other commercial shipper gateway that offers insurance.


But, if you are offering your own form of insurance, then I think the only available approach is as a "product".


2. "The following errors were detected: Please select required options before adding to your basket." I agree this sounds a bit more harsh than it needs to be. May I suggest we change the notice to an "Advisory" and word it such as: "Some of our inventory items have choices on size, color, etc, that are not optional. Please select from our wide range of options."


That phrase can be edited in the admin Languages screen, in the Catalogue group: error_option_required.


Then we need to adjust some code. In the file /classes/cart.class.php, near lines 129, 145, and 288, change:





We might even be able to add more types of GUI messages. The skin template file that shows the messages is box.errors.php.

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