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Moving the Store to a new domain...


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Is it possible for me to move from one domain to another without having to basically start from scratch? I am not talking about the skins and such, but the actual data within the store itself. Is there an export feature from one live store and an import feature or a way to do that? The issue is that my database will be on a new hostname and everything, but I am trying to see if there is an easier way to transfer all of this data easily.


If not, the store was in it's infancy anyway and I may just have to start over, but I would rather not.



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"Moving to a new domain"


Do you actually mean a new server? Because changing the domain has very little to do about where the server is located. Changing from www.example.com/store/ to www.somewhere.com/store/ is not a server-level action.


But if you are referring to moving the physical location where your CubeCart code is located, then make sure CubeCart is not in SSL mode, empty the store settings for the SSL URL, disable the cache, then clear the cache.


Copy the CubeCart installation to the new server.



If you are referring to just where the data is located, update the /includes/global.inc.php file with the new database host/user/pass as appropriate.

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There is no need to ever export data from a database but the procedure is different depending on whether you are

1) moving store from one installed location to another - purely CubeCart changes

2) changing the domain name but staying on same server - CubeCart and hosting level changes

3) changing the domain name and moving to a different server - CubeCart and hosting level changes as well as server migration

We do all of the above regularly for new and current clients so if you need any help, then drop me an email



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More specifically, the MySQL database uses domain specific hosting. Localhost isn't an option. We have mysql.domain.com as the hostname based on the domain. I am on the same server, but for instance, domain1.com is mysql.domain1.com and now that I have domain2014.com, my mysql database is now mysql.domain2014.com

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more info: (the name saerver is correct but the cubecart still refering to other)

$glob['dbdatabase'] = 'hdv1_cubecar';
$glob['dbhost'] = 'godaddy_server';
$glob['dbpassword'] = 'password';
$glob['dbprefix'] = 'cc_';
$glob['dbusername'] = 'hdv1_cubecar';
$glob['installed'] = '1';
$glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin';
$glob['adminFile'] = 'admin.php';
$glob['install_source'] = 'installatron';
$glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube';
$glob['demo_mode'] = '0';


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