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Australian Site Tax Settings


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Hi Guys, I am hoping someone can help me out we have a site in australia that need's to report the tax component correctly.

At checkout ,print order form and admin screen.

No matter what settings i change i cant get it right.


please see attachment as an example.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Current Cubecart Version: 5.27


Thank you in advance



Cheers, Glenn



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Hey Glen 

i run 3 shops for people and i find in products we choose 

Tax class "Standard" set up with 10%


Tax included OFF 

see attached image and we also added some code to main.php page to say 

"All Products are ex GST

GST added at Check Out"



The other store is we add tax included but turn off so there is zero rate 

that store dont care as every thing has GST included


The underlying company is a very big one and happy not to worry about the gst showing



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I did post re this same issue some time ago, but got no replies. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


I just show prices including tax, as as previous poster noted, and don't worry about the tax component not showing. I am aware that we are supposed to show "includes GST of $..."


Funny though...it worked as required on V4.



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Hi Captainchaos ,Picolina


Thank you for your time and advice ,don't know why it's not implemented in V5 though when i had the right settings in V3

Beyond me.


Cheers , Glenn


Fingers crossed they will fix it and roll out an update in the future....... , not holding my breath though :)

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