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[Resolved] - credit card details


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Hello fr-rtuning!


Devellion has decided, for the security and financial safety of your customers (and maybe some aspect of PCI compliance), to not allow the transfer over the Internet of non-SSL secured pages containing credit card data.


That said, allow us to ask if your store is accepting credit card data from your customers with non-SSL connections? I would hope not.


So, if your store does have a Security Certificate and can communicate securely, you should be able to login to the admin side of your store with SSL.


If you are accessing your store in admin under SSL, and you still get this message regarding viewing existing credit card data, let us know.


To summarize the thread about mcrypt, the conclusion is that the admin Warning is a false positive. The credit card data is still being encrypted.

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how do i access under ssl?

my server info shows, mcrypt enabled, v2.5.8.


Directive Local Value Master Value mcrypt.algorithms_dir no value no value mcrypt.modes_dir no value no value


as you guessed am no developer just a user of CC

also I do have trustwave compliance, do I need to encorporate this into CC? if so how please?

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Let's assume you have a Security Certificate for your domain and that it is installed on the server hosting your CubeCart installation.


You will try:



If your browser indicates a secure page, then login to admin, in Store Settings, SSL tab, enable SSL and fill in the form fields. Click Save.


Warning! Do not switch CubeCart to SSL mode if you do not have a Security Certificate installed on the server.

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