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Sales Tax configuration problems


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I am not having success setting up Sales Tax setting for Washington State in US. I set up a tax rule that should add 7.8% to the product (but not shipping). It doesn't add anything to customers purchasing in Washington. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Let's review: in admin, go to Taxes.


The Tax Classes tab has as Current Tax Classes: Standard Tax, Reduced Tax, and Tax Exempt (predefined when installing CubeCart).


The Tax Details tab has as Current Tax Details: VAT, and perhaps you added another Tax Detail named GST (General Sales Taxes), and it's enabled.


The Tax Rules tab has a set of three Rules for VAT, and perhaps you have added some more. For example:

Tax Class: Standard Tax

Tax Detail: GST

Country: United States (from a drop-down selector)

State: Washington (from a drop-down selector)

Tax rate: 7.8 (do not enter anything but numbers and decimal point)

Apply to: Green Check - Goods

Status: Enabled


Go to Products and bring a product up for editing, Pricing tab.

Tax Class: Standard Tax

Tax Included: Red Cross.


Go to Store Settings, General tab.

Add sales tax to qualifying customers: Yes

Tax Customer by: Delivery Address


The customer you are testing with is not a member of a Customer Group with tax benefits?


The customer you are testing with has a delivery address in Washington?


The customer you are testing with is logged in and has chosen the Washington address as the order's delivery address?


(We can explore a non-logged in customer later.)

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There is no feature/function in CC5 to do this in a controlled manner.


CC5 does have a place where you can enter an arbitrary SQL statement, but there is no ability to verify a return status.


If you have access to your database directly, such as using a utility like phpMyAdmin (a tool typically included in your hosting account control panel), you can browse the CC_inventory table and quickly manually change the tax_type column to 1 for each record.


If phpMyAdmin is a no-go for you, let us know if you want to try the CubeCart Database Maintenance SQL Command window.

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