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Resolved - Products Won't Add To Cart From Product Description Pag


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I've noticed that my products are not adding to cart from the product page it's self, but if adding to cart via home page latest product or via any category, products will add to cart fine. I've been all day trying to find my solution to this or where to start.


Example: If you go to the following url and try to add to cart, it won't add: https://themixtapechannel.com/french-montana---young-jeezy---the-snowman---the-cokeboy.html


Example 2: But if you try adding the same above product to cart from here on any product or category, it will add just fine: https://themixtapechannel.com/hip-hop-/-rap-mixtapes.html?_a=category&sort[date_added]=DESC




Can someone please give me an heads up on where to start looking, because I've been burning my brains out here trying to figure this out. Everything was fine before I upgraded to 5.2.7




Thank you very much in advance for any help or heads up here!



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Let us know what you have tried so far.


Please set your store to use a stock CubeCart skin for, like, just long enough to test if the Kurouto skin (for example) will add to the cart from the View Product page.


Analyzing what is being POSTed and returned, I see that POST is: add=7853 and quantity=1. That's good. The return is supposed to be just the info to update the shopping cart. On a stock skin, that would be just the HTML that is the shopping basket sidebox. Instead, I see the entire homepage.


When I view the View Category page, I see I am missing a lot of images:

themixtapechannel.com/hip-hop-/images/source/slides/themixtapechannel_slide_logo.png, and seven other images, all with hip-hop- in the path.


On the category page, the POST is: add[7853][quantity]=1. That's good. The return is:

<div class="ajax-root">
    <div class="box box-basket" title="Your Shopping Cart">



And that's as it should be.


So, if the skin has any hooks that change how the Cart->add() function works, make sure the all the skin hooks are not corrupted.

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Hey bsmither, 


Thanks for the reply. Your always here saving people life, and believe me that I thank you very much always. It's funny because this just starting happening since I added the last about 15 to 20 latest products. If you scroll down home the home page, let's say about 15 or 20 products down, and click on any of those products from the view page, they all work fine.


Anyway, I changed the template to a stock one earlier today, and got same error, but let me look into the template file for my shopdev template now.



Thank you! 

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Yeah I have tried everything and kind of brain burned, been on this all day. I changed to stock skin and nothing, actually the stock skin now goes crazy, and also re uploaded my vector skin templates to over ride any corruption, and also fusion plugin, but no luck.


I think I'm going to have no choice, but to downgrade back to 5.2.6 and stay there forever until I can figure this out lol. Well let me go and burn my brain a little more, but I'm really without any more ideas on what to look for.


I'm so not the type to just give up, let me get at it again. Jesus this is so not good for me with a thousand emails coming in from clients complaining.

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"I changed to stock skin and [no change]. Actually, the stock skin now goes crazy."


Disable the Fusion plugin (I assume it's a plugin), and try the stock skin again. In admin, clear the cache. If the stock skin is messed up, having any plugin that is designed to affect how a skin is rendered, or what data goes in to a skin, being disabled, then there must have been some raw edits made to core code.


Did you install the skin, or was it installed for you?

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I disabled the fusion plugin and went to stock, but on view product page when adding product to cart, it just opens like another home page right next to the homepage, weird. I left it on stock if you would like to see http://themixtapechannel.com I also cleared the cache

lol can't find this post shopping basket entire site

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I'm currently looking at my vector template box.basket.php file and this is what it looks like:




<div class="ajax-root">
<div class="box box-basket" title="{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}">
<div class="wrapper">
<h3 class="box-title">{$LANG.checkout.your_basket}</h3>
<div class="content">
{if isset($CONTENTS) && count($CONTENTS) > 0}
<nav class="basket-products">
<ul class="product-list">
  {foreach from=$CONTENTS item=product}
{include file="skins/$SKIN_FOLDER/templates/element.product_listing.php" quantities=true}
<li class="basket-total">
<strong>{$LANG.basket.total}: </strong>
<span class="price">{$CART_TOTAL}</span>
<div class="basket-actions">
<a href="{$BUTTON.link}" title="{$BUTTON.text}" class="btn">{$BUTTON.text}</a>
<a href="{$STORE_URL}?_a=confirm" title="{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout}" class="btn btn-primary">{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout} <i class="icon-circle-arrow-right icon-white"></i></a>
<div class="alert alert-info">
</div><!-- /.content -->
</div><!-- /.wrapper -->
</div><!-- /.box -->
<!-- Widget Cart -->
{if $smarty.get['_g'] == 'ajaxadd'}
<a id="widget-cart" href="{$STORE_URL}?_a=basket" title="{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout}"><i class="icon-shopping-cart icon-white"></i> {$LANG.checkout.your_basket} ({$CART_ITEMS})</a>
<!-- Success Notification -->
{if $smarty.get['_g'] == 'ajaxadd'}
<div id="widget-notification">
<div class="basket-count">{$CART_ITEMS} {$LANG.basket.basket_item_count}</div>
<a href="{$BUTTON.link}" title="{$BUTTON.text}" class="btn btn-primary">{$BUTTON.text}</a>
<a href="{$STORE_URL}?_a=confirm" title="{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout}" class="btn btn-danger">{$LANG.basket.basket_checkout} <i class="icon-circle-arrow-right icon-white"></i></a>
I don't see same code
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Yeah I just checked it, and it is correct.



var add = $(this).serialize();
var action = $(this).attr('action').replace(/?.*/, '');
var basket = $('div#basket_summary');
// added to accommodate no existing query string
var parts = action.split("?");
if(parts.length > 1) {
action += "&";
} else {
action += "?";
This is crazy because as mentioned before, this is just happening from I would say, from the latest 30 or 40 last items, anywhere below that. everything and all products work fine.
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Ok I figured it out.  When your adding a product via the admin panel ofcourse, on the search engine tab. You have the following:





Meta Title                                                                                  

Custom SEO URL Path
Meta Keywords
Meta Description
On the Custom SEO URL Path:  I would add the following: DJ Rell - Street League 10, but if notice from the above example.
When I save the product,  On the Custom SEO URL Path: turns automatically to: dj-rell-----street-league-10, which when for some reason, your in the product view page, if you hover over the add to cart button, this was the path that the add to cart button was pointing to and for such reason the product would'nt add to cart correctly.
So what I did, I simply left the Custom SEO URL Path: field blank, and now on the product view page, when adding to cart button is clicked on, it returns the correct path and product add's correctly. Guess this is a bug since now the Custom SEO URL Path: can't have nothing written in it.
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Ok just also noticed that the SEO URL is automatically added when left black. Guess I thought it was a bug, because I always just my own and they worked without any error. I assume disregard this all these post if it is meant to be this way.




Thank you again bsmither for the help.  I can't believe that I lasted all day on this and didn't realize it lol.. But is fixed now, thanks..




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