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Categories Not Showing On Homepage


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First post on this forum and mainly because I am totally stuck!  I do try to resolve things before resorting to asking for help but here goes:-


Running CC5.2.7 and the Crosshatch Skin


I have 2 categories in my store and a few products in each category; it's not going to be a massive store. Problem is, on the homepage (where I have "welcome to the store blah blah blah) I have the logo on the left, the Homepage as a navigation link and that is it. I want to have the categories listed here as well but can't see how to get them there. In fact, if you look at the homepage, there is no navigation at all. Very confused. Any help would be appreciated.




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Not exactly.


this is the site at the moment. If you look to the right of the heart, there is Homepage link; I simply wanted the 2 category names next to this. Also, if you look just below the heart, you will see the Home link as well. At the moment, there is no naviagtion taking you to the categories so how does anyone know we are selling anything?


If you click the featured product, you then get some navigation in the bar below the heart (I think it is the Breadcrumb???)  - sorry, quite noobie at this but hope this makes sense.

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Welcome drzac2003! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


"First post on this forum and mainly because I am totally stuck!  I do try to resolve things before resorting to asking for help."


Please do not do that here in these forums. Attempting to express your situation concisely and completely, calmly and cogently, is nearly impossible when you've pulled out all your hair. Been there - done that.


What I don't see is the screenshot of your skin modifications in the original post.


"I have 2 categories in my store and a few products in each category."


That eliminates the cause being the admin setting "Hide empty categories."


But we still may have categories that need to be enabled (admin, Categories, Visible and Status columns are green ticks).


And what of the products themselves? In Products, the Status column... all green ticks?


And you say your are editing the Crosshatch skin? While you are doing this, please set admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, 'Enable Cache' to disabled. This will stop CubeCart from using cached versions of rendered skin files, thus revealing changes made to the skin immediately.


I have a concern that perhaps you have confused the skin so that the categories do not show up.


Please do this: in the skin template file element.navigation_tree.php, at the end of the file, add this: {debug}. This will cause CubeCart to open a pop-up window showing all of the variables assigned to this template. In the pop-up, look for the variable $BRANCH in the left pane. Let us know what are its values.


The 'Home' link that is at the left edge of the brown-ish colored bar is the beginning of the Breadcrumb trail.

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Hi Bsmither,


Thanks for your response.


On your advice, I have doubled checked all the categories and products and they all have green ticks in both Visible and Status. Enable Cache is disabled. I have made a few changes to the main.php file but this was only commenting out the display of the logo at the bottom of the screen, removing the search box and the language indicator at the top of the screen.


Below is the $BRANCH result from the debug:-


Smarty_Variable Object (3)
->value = Array (3)
  name => "Wow Cupcakes Offer"
  cat_id => "2"
  url => "http://wow-bakes.com/wow-cupcakes-off..."
->nocache = false
->scope = "file:templates/element.navigation_tre..."


What is interesting here is, the above name "Wow Cupcakes Offer" I just made visible this morning (just prior to doing the above) and this category shows on the homepage; the other 2 (Cookie Mix Jars and Chocolate Bags) still do not appear. To make a further test, I have just created another category and called it Test, but this also does not display - very confusing :angry2:


The 3 categories that do not display (Cookie Mix Jars, Chocolate Bags and now Test) are exactly the same attributes as the Wow Cupcakes Offer category that does display; i.e. all have Parents of /, no images, no translations etc.


I will post screenshot next.....................





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Cookie Mix Jars, Chocolate Bags and now Test do not show.

Wow Cupcakes Offer does show.


Remind us: which of these four categories have products in them?


Please check in Store Settings, Layout tab, 'Display Empty Categories'.  If the setting is No, set it to Yes. If it is already at Yes, Set it to No, save the settings, then set back to Yes.


On the storefront, I assume products within these categories show in the Latest Products area?


This is very interesting:

name => "Wow Cupcakes Offer"
cat_id => "2"


It seems like Wow Cupcakes Offer should be the third category you created, yet has a cat_id of 2 (there is no cat_id of zero). When viewing Categories, do the ID numbers match the chronological order you created the categories?

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Yep, have done all that. The only categories with products in are the Cookie Mix Jars and Chocolate Bags - the other 2 are empty.


Wow Cupcakes Offer was the 2nd Category created; the cookie mix was the 1st and choco bags 3rd and the ID's are in that order. Test has ID 6 but that is because I created and deleted catefories whilst trying to get this to work.


All products show up as Latest products on homepage.

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"Maybe I should delete everything and start again?"


That's up to you. I would at least keep a copy of the edited Crosshatch skin.


Personally, I would dig in as deep as I could for as long as it took me - but then, I don't have a shop to make money from.

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