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Upgrade to 5.2.8 from 5.2.6 and now have double ticks


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OK, here is my new dilemma.


Following on from my navigation not showing up on the homepage, I have decided to upgrade to the v5.2.8. Upgrade was a complete success, although the navigation is still not showing but this is not the main problem. In Admin > Store Settings, all the options now have double ticks/crosses. For example on the Features tab, the Enable Products Review/Comments now has Tick Tick instead of just 1 Tick. The same is for items which are disabled I now have Cross Cross.


Furthermore, I do not have the option to change them; although the hover says "Enable" or "Disable", clicking the tick/cross does not do anything. Is my upgrade bugged or does anyone else have this problem?





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Very weird. My initial guess as to how this might happen is if two copies of admin.js got sent to the browser.


The relevant HTML is (example):

<input type="hidden" name="status[1]" id="status_1" value="1" class="toggle" />


It's the class="toggle" that the javascript finds the hidden form element and adds new HTML to make an on/off image-based toggle. The added code is this:

<img class="checkbox" src="admin/skins/default/images/1.png" title="Disable" alt="Disable" rel="#status_1">


If the javascript that does this is run more than once, or is run in more than one copy of the javascript file, I can see how this could happen.

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The admin template file located here:



It is the main structure and layout into which all the other pieces and parts are input. The call to admin.js is made near the end of the file.


Ask the browser to show you the HTML source it received. All the {$special} tags have been rendered. That will give you a better idea as to what the browser requested after receiving the page: images, CSS, javascript files, etc.

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OK, not sure what I did except deleting an old admin folder and several "old" files (ie been replaced by the upgrade) and it now seems to have fixed the problem - was just about to delete the whole lot and start again :)


Just going to see if the other problem is fixed now.


Thank you very much for your help.

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