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Resolved - Amazon Checkout causes Product Options to be lost


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A month or so ago I enabled Amazon checkout on my store after upgrade to v5.2.7. it seemed to be working fine, but I have recently discovered via angry e-mails from customers that when the Amazon payment method is used, any selected product options are lost... but the customer still gets charged for the options. The options do not appear in the admin console nor on the printed invoice. I have looked at the database and the product_options field in CubeCart_order_inventory is definitely null for these orders, so I have no way of going back and seeing what they did in fact order. For products with only one option we can figure it out, but for multi-option products we often can't. 


So now I have had to disable the Amazon checkout. Combine this with the ongoing PayPal/checkout issues as outlined in the other threads, and I am just about at the end of my rope.

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I eventually found that the Amazon gateway code is written such that, CubeCart sends certain contents from the shopping basket (not the product options) to Amazon, then relies on Amazon to send it all back (not having the product options), whereupon CubeCart then saves what was sent back in the Order's Inventory table.


That really took me by surprise.


I was looking at the CC528 code (no changes from CC527 and no significant changes from CC525).


I would encourage you to submit a support ticket and mention this thread.

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Quite a few of our customers use the Amazon module but luckily none of them with product options (yet !). This module was supposedly one the best tested modules created for CubeCart as it had to go through external validation by Amazon engineers themselves before being released, however we had already found and fixed (working with Al) a small bug in older versions that caused major problems so sounds like there is another much bigger one here.

Have you already reported this as a ticket and if so can you let me know what the ticket number is and I will follow this up myself with the CubeCart team



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I'm sorry I didn't get on to this sooner. Thanks for sending the support ticket as those get priority over the forums. I look in here as much as I can and need to evaluate priority better sometimes I think. 


I've only just fixed the 4 page PayPal thread too! 


.. might buy some extra arms. 

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Hi, Al

have all the Amazon and PayPal fixes mentioned been rolled into the current CC download zip (5.2.8)?


Topical for me since 20% of our clients use PayPal, 80% use cards via Authorize.net, and I was going to roll in the Amazon option this month.


Have been double double (well now triple) checking threads before going to 5.2.8 from 5.2.5 since we have a service business and most work is time sensitive (same day/next day/3 day), and so any payment issues mean we lose the job if they don't call and say "couldn't check out."


Thanks for keeping such a great product up to date with the many ongoing changes from the various payment systems!



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Okay. So, I'm presuming I should wait for 5.2.9 before messing with Amazon ?


We use the options on just about every item, so obviously big issue. Not ready to deal with Amazon add-in until mid-month (March) anyway.


The threads here regarding issue with Amazon are dated later than the mid-Feb push of 5.2.8 to stable, hence my query about  the "fixes" or "patch" related to options so-called bug.



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