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shipping selection not saved at final checkout step


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Whatever shipping option is selected during the initial steps of checkout is not saved, and the customer will be presented with a confusing message at the end of checkout. I know there are various topics dealing with this, and quite frankly I am surprised the devs are not addressing this issue.


This the exact opposite of being user/customer friendly and had I known about this behavior prior to my client getting a license I would have recommended another cart solution in a heartbeat. I applied some suggestions made in other topics (radio button shipping options, change the error message, etc...) to make it somewhat less confusion but it is still way too confusion and not intuitive at all.


1) Does anybody know how to change the code so the selected shipping option is saved until the end?




2) how to I modify the content.checkout.php template to hide any shipping options until the last step is presented. If anybody can tell me the value I need to check for in the template to determine if the checkout process is at the final step I could take it form there.



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Interesting. Having looked at the code changes from CC527 to CC528, the confusing error message and the reason for it was supposedly solved.


Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you have.


There is still the case where, under certain circumstances, the shipping choice is discarded. I think this happens when a new destination address is entered, thus the rates change, and the customer must select again.


There is a discussion on these forums that will do exactly what you asked: hide the shipping options until CubeCart has a customer-supplied destination address.

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