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[resolved] Where is my refund?


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It has now been 3 weeks since I put in a request for refund. It was gladly offered by Al. Repeated emails have been sent from at least 2 accounts during these last 3 weeks seeking a response.


To date. No refund. No response.Getting very concerned about firstly, lack of response and secondly, the refund.


We're professionals. 



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I'm sorry Al, something is not right. I contacted you 3 times via your sales at cubecart email on the 5th, 12th and 18th Feb. A further (4th) email was sent via THIS registered email on the 18th in case previous emails had gone to spam.  I didn't want to bring this into the public arena but all other attempts to get action have failed. Maybe you need to check that your email works?


For truth, there is no need for argument. Cubecart was promising but didn't cut it for what I needed it to do. I've had to invest elsewhere and the budget is tightening. Rather than butt heads, I'm just keen to see some action on this. 


order #87316

support ticket #97339


Transaction Record

06/02/2014  VISA-CUBECART 44207183553 GBFRGN AMT-126.000000#xxxxxxx $147.96
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Ticket 97339 was received 5th February 2014 05:51 AM and a response was made soon after at 7:47am by myself. 


There are no other tickets in our system from that email address [email protected]****ybed*****d.com.


If other tickets were sent on the 12th, and 18th of Feb then they must have been created with a different email address. There are no known issues with our helpdesk and there are no spam blacklists on our mail server then or now. 


In our reply on 5th February we said that the order would be refunded. On checking this I can see that the order hasn't been refunded. We have a complex accounting system in three currencies. In order to refund an order placed in USD we have to temporarily open a USD account so that we don't get charged the exchange rate both ways. This way being completely open with you makes refunds cheaper for us. 


Your order is now marked for refund and you should receive the funds back to Michelle's card within 5 working days from now. 


I am terribly sorry for the miscommunication and failure to process the refund back on the 5th.  

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Thanks Al.


Just on the emails, the first 3 from sales at bbd were sent as replies to your original offer. The final email sent from *this* email was directed at sales at cubecart.com and was not a reply to anything. One wonders why the emails themselves were not received?


None of this is an accusation either Al, merely observations. You're on it and that's all that matters. I do apologise it made the public arena but given your response, it appears that it has provided a favourable outcome.


Thank you for your candour and efforts.


btw: I'm located in AU, not US.

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