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Make required Mobile Phone Number


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In the skin template file content.register.php, compare this segment of the form fields for 'phone' and for 'mobile':

id="register-phone" class="textbox required" value="{$DATA.phone}"/> *</span>
id="register-mobile" class="textbox"         value="{$DATA.mobile}"/></span>

Change "textbox" to "textbox required" and add an asterisk before the close span tag.

There will be a similar change to content.profile.php and content.checkout.confirm.php.


What is not covered are "quick checkouts" such as PayPal Express, Google Checkouts, and Amazon Payments. These gateways could accept the customer data being supplied by the payment page to fill in the CubeCart customer data. That is, the customer does not fill in the form during checkout, goes to PayPal, pays, then PayPal sends back all the verified customer data (name, address, etc) back to CubeCart. So, if you use any of these "quick checkouts", you will need to configure what data is collected at those other merchant account control panels.

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