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FREE Zopim Live Chat Plugin for CubeCart V5 available

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We have recently released a FREE Zopim LiveChat Plugin for CubeCart V5

CubeCart V5 currently comes with oLark LiveChat but this new module adds an alternative from, what is arguably, the most popular LiveChat software available today. For further details of Zopim, the CubeCart plugin and a live demonstration of the chat functionality, please click on the link above as we use Zopim ourselves on our website (the chat window is visible bottom right) so come and have a chat with us !


Zopim has a free "Lite" package which allows one chat operator with one concurrent chat which is enough for most small websites




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Just got this new toy installed in the store, it basically took less than 5 minutes to do it thanks to the support team at Havenswift-Hosting. I wish that 10% of the services I get from other companies would be as fast, responsive and helpful as the one Ian and his team provide :-) Thanks a lot, ciao Nicola

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Many thanks to Ian for setting up Zopim on our website, a swift and professional service as ever. Zopim looks a bit more comprehensive than Olark and I'm looking forward to the launch of the new analytics dashboard. 

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