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CubeCart v6 Development

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It comes with great pleasure to announce that development of CubeCart v6 is well underway. 


Here's what you need to know...

  • v6 will be a free upgrade for existing v5 customers.
  • CubeCart v5 skins, plugins and modules will be compatible with v6.
  • CubeCart v5 will be supported and developed still. 
  • Development timelines are still not fully finalised and we do not have a release date available yet.

What's new?

We want to keep it as lightweight as possible and thus it will come with;

  • one default responsive skin powered by Foundation Framework with serious UX enhancements and sub-themes.
  • no modules or plugins out of the box.
  • "One click" install for new skins, modules & plugins via admin control panel.

After the release of v6 we plan to develop a number of plugins to further empower your store. Details of these will be released at a later date. Third party plugins will also be available. 

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