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Hi guys,


Can someone please help me out.

I am using shopdev's vector skin.


I need to know 2 things.


1: how do i get my  background locked so you only can scroll through my webshop. And the background doen'st move.


2: How can i add pictures to the edge so it will fit in all kind of screen settings.


This picture is my webshop. And the one under it is from another webshop. I would like to have it like that webshop.




I hope  you guys can help me out.




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Assuming the skin controller in admin doesn't have this setting, let's try this:


In the /styles/substyle/ folder (blue, for example), open the style.less file for editing. There you will see a series of @bodyBackground* properties. Add this new property:

@bodyBackgroundAttachment: fixed;


(In all other substyles, add: @bodyBackgroundAttachment: scroll;)


Now we need to figure out where this property can be used.


Open the file /less/style.less for editing, and find the body rule. There you will see the various background properties. Add:

background-attachment: @bodyBackgroundAttachment;


We will look at question #2 later.

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