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Payment Page White Screen


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I do not why this is happening so any advice please.


I upgraded a few days ago to 5.2.8


Everything was fine and today but suddenly without notice in the last few hours getting a number of pending orders and somebody also contacted to say were getting a white screen when trying to goto payment page.


I have tried it on my theme - shopdev vector and also on the standard themes and getting the same issue on all browsers.


I checked the error logs and getting this since the issue. 


Exception] /home/tainbrae/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:6 - Syntax error in template "6d89e68ad42c4d3fb26c1f7ecc8a3cf7f532a197" on line 6 "Payment Method Used: {$DATA.gateway}


" - Unexpected "<"

  store details: Script Version 5.2.8 PHP Version 5.3.27 SQL Version 50536 Theme: shopdev vector
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Please access your site's folders. In the /cache/skin/ folder, retrieve the file that has 6d89e68ad42c4d3fb26c1f7ecc8a3cf7f532a197 as part of the filename.


Do the contents (starting at about 20-30 lines) look familiar? It may be an email template.


Please copy the contents of that file here.

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Oops, I meant '<'.


I'm sure you would have mentioned it, though.


When you upgraded to CC528, do you recall CubeCart running the setup script?


In the past, did you edit any of the email templates to include the payment gateway used?

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Unfortunately, with CC528, if you look at any of the email templates, it may be the case where they all appear corrupted.


But if it looked corrupted just at the point where the Payment Gateway Used phrase was, then this was a different cause.

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Technically, you can add it, but it won't be "easy" to do it until CC529.


The reason is, CubeCart is trying to get away from using HTML comment tags to embed certain Smarty commands (as was done in versions prior). But, the means to get away from having to do that didn't work out as well as expected.

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