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Trying to edit box-navigation.php but seeing no changes

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I'm still new to CubeCart and am trying to create my first skin, but I've run into some trouble trying to edit the style of box-navigation.php . For some reason I am unable to make any changes I make to that template take effect. I am able to edit most other templates with ease, but on box-navigation.php it doesn't matter what css classes or ids I add or take away, it simply changes nothing. I can wrap {$CATEGORIES} in a div and give that a class in the main.php file and then see that take effect by inspecting it in the browser, so I'm sure I have the right element, I can also change the classes via Chromes inpector and they are the same claesses found in box-navigation.php, however when I change them in the template file its self it does nothing and the inspector shows the old classes as still applied.


I'm very confused by this :dizzy: Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome squaredindex! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Unfortunately, the {$CATEGORIES} content, contained within the template file box.navigation.php (not box-navigation.php as you have typed it), is more stringently cached than is any other template file. (I don't know why.) Thus, you may need to clear the cache even if you have caching turned off.


To turn off template caching, in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, set Enable to Caching to No/Off. This helps when messing about with designing skins.

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