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Navigation CSS styling

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Hello once again. My experimentation continues, and I'm back with a fresh round of questions. 


This particular one concerns the CSS surrounding the main navigation, particularly, the sub-categories that appear when you hover over a main navigation title. I have the main navigation menu formatted nicely to change the background colour on hover, which works great for the main menu titles, however, I'm struggling to find a way to edit the navigation so that the sub-categories behave in the same manner. 


I've looked at documents like element.navigation_tree.php and box.navigation.php along with the #menu CSS found in common.css but I just cannot find a way. 


Would anyone care to offer me a nudge in the right direction? 


Apologies, I have found the solution to this problem, and it was staring me right in the face. I'm not sure how to delete posts, so I thought I would just update. 

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