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EMSFLowers - Florist website is live


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Disclaimer: I am not a graphics artist. And I cannot tell you what makes good art.


Allow me to mention my one criticism: a dark/light patterned background (the burlap) makes a base-layer for camouflage. The black lettering does not "pop" out. The eye sees something, but gets caught up at working out what the words should be.


Try adding a layer of the lettering on the header logo in bold white at 20% transparency (to let some of the background through), then put the normal weight lettering directly on top. That should increase the contrast.


Then, for the sidebox headers, I think there is a CSS trick that will add a drop-shadow effect (but in white) on the lettering.


Have you added any special functions to the core CubeCart?

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Hi Noodleman,

I was just being nosey seeing the colour scheme on the pervious comment and found that when a product was added to basket the ajax worked on the product page I was on but then when I navigated to the basket I had a message that the basket was empty?


I'm was using IE 11 just thought I should let you know so you can check/investigate.






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