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Manually backing up


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I had issues updating from 5.2.8 to 5.2.9 and had to restore my 5.2.8.   Waiting to see if 5.2.10 is stable before updating again. I am pretty much a novice on stuff like this and had my hosting company do the restore. I was wondering if I could ftp the cube cart folders from my cpanel into a folder on my desktop and the just recopy them onto my website in the event that my next update goes bad? I assume it would be the same folders and file that are included in the manual update folder for the latest version of cubecart.



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CubeCart's upgrade paradigm is to replace the entirety of the codebase. Thus, any custom work on the codebase will be lost. Discretionary files (global.inc.php, key.php, favicon.ico, all the images, cached files, and the like) are not in a CubeCart package, so they will not be overwritten when a newer version of the CubeCart codebase is FTP'd on top of what is there.


That also means some things won't be deleted either. In the case of CC528, Devellion decided to toss the OpenId feature. Deleting that folder will require CubeCart to go through setup and choose Upgrade. As well as updating the database structure.


Your previous difficulty with not being given a choice to upgrade was possibly because the external manager (Forklift?) removed the global.inc.php file. To upgrade, CubeCart needs the info in that file.

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