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Unable To Install CubeCart v5 - Blank Screen During Setup


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I have recently set up a new Ubuntu box with LAMP and decided that I would like to port my existing CC-based shopping cart to this new server. After copying the DB and files to the new server - and ensuring that the LAMP setup was identical - I had to abandon this as I was only getting blank screens (I migrated a number of other database-driven websites across and these all worked fine).


So, in order to try and diagnose what was causing the blank screens, I decided to install a new (vanilla) version of 5.2.10. However, after entering the database details during the setup process and progressing to the next screen, again I am presented with a blank screen. There are no errors on screen, nor are any errors/warnings logged. I have spent a full day trying to work out what is going on but to no avail.


I have scoured the web for documentation and spent hours looking through forum posts but, to my frustration, I haven't uncovered anything helpful.


Could it be that CubeCart is incompatible with my version of PHP/MySQL? I have passed the compatibility checks (see below) and all the necessary files are writable, so there's nothing obviously wrong with my setup.


Compatibility Check
5.5.9-1ubuntu4PHP 5.2.3+
5.5.37MySQL 4.1+
InstalledGD Image Library
InstalledIonCube PHP Loader


Please help!!!

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1) Ensuring that two different LAMP installations are identical is a HUGE task unless they are provisioned from images !


2) Also if your LAMP installation is exactly the same and your CubeCart website ran fine on the old system, then there is not likely to be an incompatibility problem !


You say you have spent a full day trying to work out what is going on so what error / server logs did you check - errors will be recorded, you just need to find them.


Sorry if this sounds a little harsh but your post gives us nothing to go on (the compatibility list looks fine and will present no problems) to try and help you (not even a store url) and is pointing the finger at possible incompatibility issues - if you are capable of setting up a new LAMP box with an identical setup to a previously working box then can you please supply more information to help the community help you



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I meant the LAMP installations were the same in terms of the config/ini file setup (e.g. php.ini/apache conf files etc). I do have different versions of PHP and MySQL but CubeCart states that these are acceptable, so why would I question this? 


Okay, so which error logs do I need to look at? Nothing is being produced in the CubeCart folder, nor is Apache/PHP logging anything (and yes, php.ini is set to log errors).


I can't give you a store URL at this stage as this is running on a test environment that isn't accessible to the outside world just yet. I can get this set up in the next 24 hours but I was just looking for some pointers, places to look for clues. If there was some proper documentation I wouldn't have to bother you with these questions.


Thanks in anticipation.

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So, it turns out that Apache wasn't writing to the error log (the group ownership on the file had somehow changed). Now that this is fixed, I can see the following entry when running the setup process:



[Fri Apr 25 09:34:00.323748 2014] [:error] [pid 19606] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function insert() on a non-object in /var/www/html/test/classes/debug.class.php on line 645, referer:


I can also confirm that this behaviour is present on all versions from 5.2.1 - 5.2.10. I can only assume it is related to this version of PHP - I wonder if there is a workaround?

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Thanks for your reply.


I can confirm that the same behaviour is observed no matter which URL is used to enter the setup procedure. 


I've decided to start afresh and install a known working version of PHP as I need to get this sorted ASAP.

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The setup process checks to see if CubeCart can make a connection to the database using the supplied host/database/user/pass.


I will assume that the database server has the user/pass account setup and the database server has been told to give this account permission to execute the various SQL commands against the CubeCart database.


The connection attempt uses mysql_connect, mysql_select_db, and mysql_close functions.


Will you please verify that your PHP.INI file has the extension for MYSQL enabled? If your PHP.INI file has the extension for MYSQLi enabled and not the other, this may explain the difficulty.

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