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all in one shipping wrong price and prices wrong added


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it has worked ok , but suddenly now the shipping and  totals a wrong amount , and the total in the order is also wrong counted in cc5, what is this problem ? please any help would be apriciated


1 x Saucy Shingle scale 1:5,2 kit - SAUIHQE099 (E69.00)E69.00
1 x Fooling racer 1:5,2 outboard racer - FOO9KJHV99 (E39.00)E39.00
2 x Steering Rope outboard racers - STEB0ENM99 (E0.90)E1.80
Total Discount :E0.00
the total should be e123,80, but the shipping price should be E14,30 then the total should be e124,10
btw paypal refuses the order as  the amount is wrong ...
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CubeCart will always manage the prices in the store's default currency. CubeCart then manipulates those prices such that they display in the customer's chosen currency.


If that is Euros in both cases, then there should not be a problem. (Well, there should not be a problem at all.)


On the other hand, I see that your locale (how your country expressed numbers and dates) uses a comma as a decimal point (according to what you posted above - E123,80), but CubeCart is displaying a period as a decimal point.


I wonder if your hosting provider has made a change to how PHP is configured, such that PHP is not correctly using a PHP internal configuration locale setting.


My suggestion is to ask your hosting provider if any changes were made to the version of PHP running your installation of CubeCart.

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