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CC5 has a dedicated mobile skin. Licensed CC5 installations can enable the mobile skin, and if CC5 detects a mobile browser's "User Agent String", CC5 will* auto switch to that skin.


I do not know for certain if the mobile skin is "responsive". That is, if the mobile device rotates to landscape mode, I believe the skin will NOT resize or change layout to accommodate the new dimensions.


*I have not played with the mobile skin very much. CC5 should auto switch.


Some third-party skins may be much more "responsive".

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If you view your Cubecart store with the mobile skin switched on it does recognise the size of the device you are using to some degree and on a Kindle or mobile phone the page defaults to the mobile skin. With a bit of tweeking of the css etc you can get a nice layout that looks well on a mobile or a tablet. If it was fully responsive you would be able to have different layouts for a 7" tablet and a mobile. I would guess a 10" tablet would be able use the desktop layout.


The main issue with this is that you have to maintain two sets of skin files. If it was fully responsive you would use the same skin files but serve it up in a slighly different layout using seperate style sheets for the different screen sizes you wish to cater for.


Using seperate skin files does have its advantages as you can redesign the mobile skin to look totally different to your desktop and server up totally different content.


I'm sure it will evolve as time goes on, though at present I'm happy with what we have done with our mobile layout. The stock skin is well laid out and easy to tweak.

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