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Host is warning a PHP 5.4 upgrade might break my store


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DreamHost is warning about upgrading to PHP 5.4, and they presume my store will be in trouble since they find within it Zend optimized files from 5.2 and 5.3. They go on to mention that since my store is running at 5.3 there may not be any issue, but the store itself claims it is only at 5.2.17 (from phpinfo). I don't know what to believe now.


Do I need to do anything differently? It works fine at 5.3, if that's true.

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If your hosting goes to PHP 5.4, you will need to edit the /includes/global.inc.php file to say:

$glob['encoder'] = "ioncube";


If the store's phpinfo says PHP 5.2.17, then that's what your CubeCart application is running under currently. (There is a way to get different versions of PHP to run based on the folder the application is in - the .htaccess file can have statements that will tell the web server what to do. But shared hosting has some obstacles to this.)


What is the version of CubeCart that you have?

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Correct, I was reading PHP and cart version at the same time. The store is 5.1.2.


Be all that as it may, DreamHost doesn't have Ioncube installed. You have to take care of that yourself.




At least that's how it reads to me. I'm an artist and musician, not so much of a coder. :)

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Hi Steve

We will also guarantee that your store will run on our servers, will do the whole process of the migration from Dreamhost over to us for you and for free and also provide CubeCart support as part of our E-Commerce shared hosting plans as well. Nobody else offers these benefits which is why we host and support a large number of CubeCart sites ranging from small start-ups through to multi-million pound (or dollar) turnover.

Feel free to contact me via PM on here or through our website


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