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Pick-up option for payments


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I'm new to CC and invested a lot of time to put the items online.

Now i'm busy testing and fine-tuning the website/shop.


One of the problems i have is the following:

There is a store collection option available to choose from, when people check-out and select the shipping option.

But the next step, payment gateway, doesn't offer a solution to pay cash on pick-up.


Is this coming in a future release of CC or do i need to make a copy of the print order form and tweak it to make it suitable for cash payments when picking up?

Or is it available for CC 5.2.7 and did i miss the post on the forum?


Kind regards,

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There is no Cash on Delivery/Pickup gateway.


Your suggestion to copy the POF gateway is excellent, and is easily accomplished.


bsmither, can you tell me if i need to use hooks?


I suppose i have to follow these instruction: https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/203/46/how-can-i-create-a-plugin-using-the-code-hooks-system-in-cubecart-v5


Kind regards,


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No, this solution will not require hooks.


Find the folder /modules/gateway/Print/Order_Form and make a copy named Cash_on_Pickup.


Using a programmer's text editor, edit the following lines in the config.xml file as follows:

<uid>[email protected]</uid>
<description><![CDATA[Pay Cash at Store Gateway]]></description>

In the file gateway.class.php, edit these lines:

19: 'action' => 'index.php?_g=rm&amp;type=gateway&amp;cmd=call&amp;module=Cash_on_Pickup&amp;cart_order_id='.$this->_basket['cart_order_id'],
51: $transData['notes'] = 'Cash on Pickup displayed to customer with payment instructions. Do not dispatch until postal payment has been received and cleared.';
52: $transData['gateway'] = 'Cash on Pickup';

In the file skin/print.tpl, make this edit:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="modules/gateway/Cash_on_Pickup/skin/style/print.css" media="screen,print" />

In the file /skin/admin/index.tpl, make this edit:

<div id="Cash_on_Pickup" class="tab_content">

In admin, Payment Gateways, configure and enable the Cash on Pickup gateway.

The file skin/print.tpl can be further edited with new instructions, disclaimers, etc. Further refinements can be made regarding the language strings, but that can be worked on later.

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