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How do I turn off the lightbox?


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Ah I see, I'll have to manually remove it.


Anyone know why the lightbox assets are being called on the homepage along with required JS?




Trying to reduce unneccesary http requests and reduce JS before minifying. Also the above should at the very minimum be sprites.

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The templates are organized with an overall "main" superstructure that calls for basically one javascript file and one stylesheet file that contains the code from every javascript plugin and CSS file, respectively, found in the /js/ folder.


Sub-area boxes and content sections fill in the superstructure, and are not complete HTML documents.


If a better Colorbox comes out, it easier to update the file in /js/ than to update all the skins.


However, given that once a store owner has settled on one or two skins, I can't imagine there being much of a demand for a plug-n-play programming paradigm. But that is what is happening.

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