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Need shipping help!


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I use the by weight option in the All in One Shipping module and it works great, but I have now added a product that is causing problems.


Here's my situation...


The weights work great, except for when the product is a bulk item such as my 30lb pre-order item. This is an item that essentially is dropshipped to the customer from the supplier. This item is boxed in a large flat rate box and it takes up the whole box. USPS is the only way I ship, so each one of these items requires an individual shipping cost.


If a customer buys one of these items it needs to include (per quantity) a shipping price of it's own. I can't have them addding this item plus other items and pay only one shipping fee as it is multiple boxes that will be shipped.


Is there a way to work around this? I do NOT mind if I have to find a way to include shipping in the cost of the pre-order item and then somehow block it from adding shipping with other items in the cart/basket for it again during checkout.





This is posing to be a big problem and it is one of the most popular selling items!!

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Just off the top of my head:


The product Bulk30 requires its own box and nothing else gets shipped with it? And you know the fixed cost of shipping it?


So, the product Bulk30 sells for $49.95 and has a mandatory product option of "Shipping&Handling" that adds $13.65 to the cost of the product (times quantity) -- but the product has no weight so no additional shipping charges accrue.


Is there anything wrong with this scenario?

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