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Options Matrix Will Not Save


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Hello fellow Cubecarters,


I have been experiencing an issue with the options matrix. Some of my products but Not All of my products that use the options matrix encounter the following issue:

1. Under the Product options tab/area.

Loading product options that relate to the product and then saving and reloading the page with these options is a success.

Adding the saved product options to the Matrix by changing the red x to a green v under product options > options matrix is also a success.

2. Under the options matrix tab/area.

Changing 'Use Stock Level' from a red x to a green v and then saving and reloading the page is unsuccessful. Once the page has reloaded the green v's revert back to red x's.

Stock level's once entered, saved and reloaded are wiped out completley and are reverted back to 0. Ocassionally the page crashes and throws me back to the dashboard

This only happens when dealing with a product that has combinations of around 10 or more. Smaller amounts of combinations are fine and can be saved normally.

We are now stocking products that have many combinations and have been stopped in our tracks as we cant list and save the combinations successfully.



Can anyone help?

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Please visit the admin Error Log, System Error Log tab. Any relevant entries here?


There should be an entry in an error log somewhere if you are getting taken back to the Dashboard unexpectedly.


Can you find a PHP error_log on your site or in your hosting site control panel?


If you submit a trouble ticket to Devellion and they say they will have a solution shortly, then I won't try to find it myself. Otherwise, I may have to start asking for very specific data.

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