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Admin's confirmation email


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I needed to change my email address where I get my confirmation emails as an admin.




The email address I used before was [email protected]

I need to change it to [email protected]  (mydomain.com is my store)


I went to Store Settings > Advanced and changed [email protected] (that was working) to [email protected]


The problem is I am not getting the admin's confirmation email to [email protected]


I switched back to [email protected], and I get admin confirmation email.

Then I switched to another email address [email protected], and works fine, I got an admin email to that address when I did a 'test' order.

Changed back to [email protected] again, works fine.


I have used the [email protected] address to send an email to [email protected], and I did receive the test email at [email protected], I know that [email protected] is working.


The only thing I can think of is that there is a problem with sending an email to the same domain name as my store?

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In the various experiments you've made, the one where you sent an email from gmail to mydomain which worked, I assume you used an external program? That is, you didn't somehow manage to get Cubecart to do that test?


So, everything works except - Cubecart (as source) to mydomain.


You changed Store Settings, Advanced tab, Sender's Email Address to what you now require.


Remind us of the method you are using to send mail: PHP mail() Function, or SMTP?


How about having CubeCart, with mydomain as the sender, send emails to the customer who has a mydomain email address?


In admin, Administrators, edit the account for yourself. (CubeCart has it's email address, as above, and each administrator can have their own email address.) Give yourself the Comcast email address and enable Receive Order Notifications.


On the next test order, the 'store' email address will receive a notice (except this is the part that is having a problem) as well as any admin who has RON enabled at their address (unless the two addresses are the same because CC5 removes duplicate email addresses from the To: list).


This test will prove that CubeCart is sending emails to admins, and should also show if there is a problem with the mydomain mail server receiving mails from CubeCart.


In my experience, the mydomain email server should have some folders located in your hosting space (if your domain is tied to your hosting space) that collect email messages to send, sent, and received. You may want to FTP into your account and investigate if you have folders that start with a period and are named such that they relate to emails. The Non Delivery Reports (NDRs) may be located there.

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