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KULA Cards: Super Enhanced CubeCart5 v5.2.13 - www.kulacards.co.uk

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CubeCart provided us with a First Class foundation engine, flexible to deliver many additional features in this advanced w3c compliant custom skin

Includes: JQuery Lazy Load (images) - Dynamic Sticky ‘drop down’ Header, Sliding Bootstrap Sidebar Menu, Magic Thumb 'Lightbox', Adult Content Filter, Fly To Basket, Nivo Slider on homepage, Site Maps Index Page, Manufactures to Brands, Sort Category Products, Suggestive Search, WordPress ‘Pinterest Style’ Blog, Forwards and Backwards browsing on Product Pages, Additional Descriptions, Custom Mobile Skin. Express Checkout SSL configured to PayPal Payments Pro

Essentially: Unique SEO modifications delivering highly effective page one positioning
Feedback welcome!
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Nice, cleaning looking website so well done ! Being hyper-critical, there are a couple of points :

1) When extending the size of a browser window - get odd lines at the top, left and right ! See http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c3eakm84

2) While the scrolling menu on the left hand side looks swish, not sure it is really needed especially when you have a fixed category listing on the homepage (maybe change it so it doesnt appear on homepage) and when minimising the window size on the homepage, it looks kinda odd !

3) Great you have a good looking mobile skin and that is great for phones, but one thing I personally find really annoying (to the point where I often leave a site) is that the mobile skin is automatically invoked from a tablet. Tablets are perfectly capable of displaying almost all websites perfectly.

4) Love your statement "Unique SEO modifications delivering highly effective page one positioning" !!

Overall though a great looking site !



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Hi Ian

Thank you for taking the time to comment. A swift tweak on the background image enabled an easy correction to your point 1
Concerning 2 which was a dilemma throughout development. Currently we have swift easy access from the homepage to all the main departments while to maximise the product layout on the categories page we decided to break the system, loose the default left navigation and enable simply the bootstrap. However on rare random occasions the menu slider does not always ‘kick into action’ and additionaly appears problematic on the older IE’s, Therefore as a precaution decided to keep the main navigation while an improved solution is constructed to suit
Most likely the bootstrap menu will be superseded along with Point 3 about various screen size’s. In the near future we are planning to tackle this inconsistency via a brand new single ‘responsive skin’ rendering a mobile version un necessary. Delivering one ‘stretch to fit’ flexible skin facilitating all devices and platforms, which I am sure you would agree would be a sensible progression for the future 
Much for consideration. Nice one!
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No problem and as you said a quick fix to the background image sorted point 1 !

A fully responsive skin is definitely the way forward and the way that CubeCart V6 is going, although V5 skins will all still be compatible and work with V6 when released.

The pInterest style blog is generally not my favourite but for this type of thing it works well although is almost impossible to find hidden away down there ! Might want to make it more prominent.

One other minor thing, when you first go into the blog, if you quickly scroll to the bottom and try and click on the links, the auto addition of more blog posts makes it difficult, if not impossible to click on these links. Obviously once all posts have been displayed, then it is possible but unless you limit the number that are displayed this way, then in a short while there will be so many blogs posts that nobody will ever get to the bottom of the page !

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