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"empty cart" bug


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Customers are complaining that they can't add any products to their cart anymore.

Whenever a product is selected, they are being redirected to the cart and a "the shopping cart is empty" message appears.


I tried IE, Chrome, Firefox all with the same result. Deleting cookies, emptying cache etc = no change.


After adding a product, being redirected to "the shopping cart is empty", going back to main page, refresh site it shows the correct product price near the shopping cart symbol but when clicking the cart the same message appears.


Any idea how to solve it? It's urgent because only a few customers contact me via e-mail and ask what's wrong while many others are simply annoyed, give up and most probably never come back.


Looking forward to any helpful reply.


Btw, I running the Mauris skin, CC version 5.2.12, PHP 5.4.22

If you require any further details, please let me know, thanks!



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This has been discussed quite a few times on here recently for example '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

If using an SSL, ensure you have consistent domain url for store url and SSl url as this will cause this problem.

If the above is set correctly, then this can be solved as Al said above by correctly setting the cookie domain and a different way (maybe better as it has other advantages as well) is to make changes to your .htaccess file to force the use of a consistent url (ie either always with www. or always without www. in your urls)



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