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Export / Import catalogue


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From Admin > Inventory > Export catalogue


When adding products to the exported catalogue, and reimporting the new version do we simply do:


Admin > Inventory > Import catalogue:


Format:  Comma seperated values

Delimiter:   .


Also... is there a handy way to update the Matrix stock levels per product via csv? Can't see a col in the exported csv :errm:


Would love some tips from store owners who manage a lot of products.

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In my opinion, CubeCart's Catalogue Export using the CubeCart format, which implies the output file is for some sort of use by CubeCart, is so far behind what data is actually used by CubeCart as to be almost worthless.


I have no experience with massive amounts of products. In CC3, I had massive amounts of options and that was extraordinarily tedious to keep that all straight.

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