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Order placed before making/receiving payment


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I see that on my store whenever someone clicks on check out the order is placed straight away. I mean when I did a test on my store logged in to the store as a customer, checked out, and redirected to paypal to make the payment but before making any payment I closed the page and received an email saying that the order has been received. Is there anyway I can receive the order only after the transaction/payment has been made?



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"Before making any payment I closed the page and received an email saying that the order has been received."


There are four main statuses of an order:

0. The shopping basket while the customer is shopping.

1. Pending: The customer is at the checkout counter and is ready to make a payment attempt. If payment is approved, then 2. If payment and a digital only order, then also 2D.

2. Processing: The customer has made payment and is waiting for the store to ship the order.

2D. Digital Order: Download links are sent. Automatically moved to 3 but maybe no email.

3. Completed: The store has shipped the order.


As an admin, you will receive an admin email for status 1 or 2 (but not both). As a customer, they will receive an email for 2, 2D, and 3 (maybe).


So when you say, "I received an email," we need to know which email. If it's the following email addressed to you as an admin:

John Smith just placed order number 140723-152643-7155 on 2014-07-23 15:26. This order can be managed...


In Store Settings, Features tab, Order status for admin email notifications: set this to Processing to be informed of orders that have had payment succeed..

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